Our Business

AICL has implemented successful PPP projects in key economic and social sectors including; Real-estate Development, Transportation, Convention and Conference facilities, Telecommunications, Logistics, Hospitality, Waste management, etc.

Our Facilities

AICL has various commercial real estate and infrastructures under corporate management. These facilities are a manifestation of strategic development of real estate assets to enhance value and generate revenue for the FCT while at the same time stimulating the exponential economic growth of Abuja.

Our Services

With extensive experience garnered doing business in various sectors in Abuja, AICL uses local savvy, global best practices and relevant cutting edge technological innovation, AICL always proffers the best fit solution to our clients business needs.

Company Profile

Abuja Investments Company Limited (AICL) is a leading business development and investment holding company based in the Capital City – Abuja, Nigeria. We are committed to building profitable business partnerships for the economic growth of the Federal Capital Territory while offering investors exceptional investment opportunities in Nigeria and beyond.

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We offer our clients bespoke investment opportunities and we are always on the lookout for local investment opportunities that meet societal demand and also seeks opportunities in international markets; we create and maintain a diversified but balanced portfolio to guarantee the delivery of quick yields as well as long term returns.

Abuja is a well-planned city with a population of over 2 million people. Transportation, housing and other infrastructure in Abuja are one of the best in the West African region.

Our commercial and residential real estate portfolio offers competitive earning potential and substantial ROI for our clients.




In our partnership with the Churchgate Group, we facilitated the development of a $1.2 Billion, 37-story, World Trade Centre and Towers. Also, AICL is involved in the Abuja Town Centre Development, a project in the tune of $2.6 Billion in the heart of the City, which the Honourable Minister has graciously granted AICL ten (10) percent equity. Our newly constructed AICL Apo Dutse Housing Estate offers luxury housing in one of the most rapidly developed areas of the City. The estate comprises of 49 housing units, eight (8) units of three (3) bedroom terraces, twenty (20) units of four (4) bedroom terraces, and twenty one (21) units of four (4) bedrooms semi-detached. Our AICL Fairway Estate, Games Village, consists of 8 units, five (5) bedroom semidetached luxury duplexes.



Abuja Markets Management Limited


Abuja Property Development Company


Abuja Technology Village Free Zone


Abuja Urban MassTransport Company



POWERNORTH AICL Equipments Leasing Company



Abuja Film Village Int’lLimited



International Conference Centre


Abuja Eagle Square

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