Our services

AICL offers the following services


AICL passionately pursues the development of start-up companies and public-private partnerships to exploit the numerous opportunities to create value and returns in the FCT economy.

Leasing Services

The company has invested in providing equipment leasing services to impact the service sector of the Abuja economy. AICL Subsidiary, Powernoth AICL Equipment Leasing Company, has achieved great strides supporting waste management services in Abuja.

Facility Management

AICL provides leading facility management services through its world-class subsidiaries Abuja property development company and Abuja Markets Management Limited.

Consulting Advisory

AICL has a deep understanding of opportunities in the local economy which can support investors to achieve their goals.

Investment Asset Management

AICL’s goal is to grow the economy of Abuja while creating value for our stakeholders.


AICL has in its portfolio high quality real estate for sale to the public designed to generate high returns.

Industries we served

We serve different industries across the length and breadth of the Federal Capital Territory

Banking &
capital market

Retail &

Logistic &

waste management &

Energy &
resource industry

Life &
health science