Our Business

At the core of our activities is the development of essential businesses and services that are required as Abuja evolves into one of the premier cities in the world.

The Federal Capital Territory Administration (FCTA) is committed to promoting private sector participation in the development of the city through the provision of functional infrastructure and services for both residents and visitors. AICL is therefore mandated to attract, encourage and promote private investment into key sectors through commercially viable Public Private Partnership projects (PPP).

AICL has implemented successful PPP projects in key economic and social sectors including; Real-estate Development, Transportation, Convention and Conference facilities, Telecommunications, Logistics, Hospitality, Waste management, etc.

The company’s renewed focus on big ticket infrastructure projects like the Automotive complex and district infrastructure development is aimed at providing the city with much needed infrastructure and services while at the same time offering our investing partners long term profitable investment opportunities.

AICL recognizes these and other projects as “Win-Win” opportunities for both the Federal Capital Territory Administration and the investing community.